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30-31 March 2022


Hospitality Challenges in modern world

The Association of Hoteliers of Uzbekistan, with the official support of the Ministry of Tourism and cultural of heritage of the Republic of Uzbekistan, organized an annual forum for hoteliers in Uzbekistan.

Tajikistan delegation included officials from the SAVR, as a member of the hospitality sector also participated in this event.

The forum, which formed an important interactive platform to discuss the opportunities with around 100 hospitality operators’ representatives. The delegation pursued to enhance the bilateral investment relations between Tajikistan and other Central Asian partners by promoting the investment opportunities in the hospitality services, new technologies and real estate sectors, as Uzbekistan is the best gateway to the regional market.

The visit also focused on the signing of agreements between the different partners to create a basis for cooperation in the promotion of innovation in hotel technology and to provide related support through newly developed training programs.

The SAVR delegation also met with officials from leading Uzbekistan Hotel Associations, Hilton Hotels, and other international marketing and management companies, with ties to major international businesses, in the areas of hotel management, entertainment, and financial services. The Tajikistan representatives talked over the potential to explore cooperation, where representatives of the international companies revealed their interest in strengthening their relations with local hospitality sector.

These kind of Business Forums can play a key role for the Central Asian region by bringing together hotels’ operators  from the glob to enhance their opportunities as well as collaboration in technology transfer and promotion of hotel businesses.