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Meeting with USA Embassy Representatives

The United States has long been an important and leading market supplier in the global hospitality industry, investment and management. The hotel and lodging industry are integral to the United States’ economy and the hospitality business is growing with well-known global brands. The most popular international hotel brands with advanced experiences and a diverse portfolio of investment, management, technology, and development partnerships are located in the United States. In present-day society, hotels are facing complex distribution, management, pricing, competition, and guest contentment challenges.
With that in mind, for the new company entering into the hotel business industry, it is important to keep the balance of business needs with the increasing and dynamic nature of travel technology, new management approaches, and resourceful attitudes of travelers.

In this context, Savr team has had a meeting with USA embassy representatives, where past and future demand of Dushanbe market has been discussed. In addition, the representatives proposed their views on real estate and future demand requirements for accommodation in the city. It was agreed that during the development process embassy could assist developer with introduction to American manufactures.

Furthermore, it should be noted that the rapid recovery of the hospitality sector after COVID-19 will only be possible if all stakeholders and public officials have a coordinated response to the resumption of international travel, including clear roadmaps, rules, and mobility protocols, providing certainty and restoring consumer confidence. While that is positive and points to the end of the pandemic approaching and a full travel recovery, therefore, we now expect the various demand segments of the hospitality industry to recover in the following order such as international business travel, organization of the regional and international conferences, events, and exhibitions, international leisure and tourism.
Meanwhile, the development of the hospitality industry in Tajikistan will enable socio-economic development, job creation, poverty reduction, driving prosperity, and significant positive social impact, including providing more job opportunities to vulnerable women and youth.