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Meeting with Head of Russian Trade Representative

The regular market study and assessment of the hospitality industry is considered a key activity of the project. The main object is focused to promote cooperation among all stakeholders, partners, and other bodies interested in the tourist industry and afford a means of exchange of information on all matters affecting the hotel business and tourism industries of Tajikistan in the short and long-run terms. In this context, meeting with the Trade Representative of the Russian Federation was reasonable and requires widely discussion of further social-economic cooperation, investment strategies, and programs of the Russian Federation with the Republic of Tajikistan. The Russian Federation is considered one of the main development partners of Tajikistan within CIS. The trading perspective of Russia with Tajikistan was an important and fundamental discussion area during the meeting. It was noted that a lot of innovation and development in the tourism and services sector can be observed during the last decades and along with these changes the hospitality business is pacing along fairly quickly and sets new tasks before us, to which we must respond and establish cooperation.