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The SAVR is currently looking for international Law Firm with hospitality experience.

Law Firms (hereafter referred to as “bidders”) with experience in hospitality are invited to submit their proposals. All tasks and duties will be described in the RFP, in accordance with SAVR’s requirements. All bids correspondence and any notification should be sent to this email:
Prices in the bid shall be quoted in the currency (ies) stated in the Bid Particulars. If applicable, for comparison and evaluation purposes, SAVR will convert the bid prices into USD at the official rate of exchange in force at the time of the Deadline for Submission of Bids. Bid Prices shall be fixed.
A bidder may be a private, public or any-owned legal entities or any association, including a joint venture or consortium with legal capacity to enter into a binding contract with SAVR.
All information and documents provided to the bidders by SAVR shall be treated as confidential by the bidders and shall and will remain the property of SAVR not be used for any purpose other than the purpose of preparing a bid.
SAVR requires that all bidders observe the highest standard of ethics during the entire bid process, as well as the duration of any contract that may be awarded as a result of this bid process.
A bidder, and all parties constituting the bidder, may have the nationality of any country. For more information please, contact us through webpage contact link.