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Date: 2021, October, 15-19

Uzbekistan has been actively pursuing the development of the tourism and hospitality sector because of its location in the heart of Central Asia. The tourism sector stakeholders trying to exploit all potential social-economic investment environments to attract investors to create more tourism opportunities in the country. Even though the tourism sector in Uzbekistan was determined to be one of the priorities for economic growth, however, its potential is underestimated and tourism infrastructure still needed to be developed.
Since 2016, numerous reforms and strategic policies were implemented by the Uzbekistan government aimed at improvement of the tourism and hospitality sector through the elimination of the obstacles, challenges, and risks to potential investors, as well as trying to create a regional investment environment via the implementation of large-scale projects. It should be noted that the hospitality business development is focused mostly on the business delegation segment and tourism sector, accordingly.

Taking into account the latest hospitality business development and perspectives in Uzbekistan, SAVR Company representatives have held their first business trip to Tashkent city. The SAVR delegation included the experts, local engineers, and construction specialists from different departments as well as the Board members of the project.
While on their mission to Tashkent, the SAVR delegation held several constructive meetings with a series of local companies, possessing international hotel brands, commercial partners, and members of the Uzbek business communities.
Discussions with all of them essentially focused on priorities of bilateral and regional cooperation in the construction of the high-end hotels as well as hotel management within the international hospitality operators. The parties also talked over ongoing tourism environment improvements and further opportunities for strengthening their bilateral cooperation.
The attraction of the Luxury Hotel Brands to both countries was at the forefront of deliberations also with local companies and representatives of business communities.

The Uzbek colleagues appreciated the efforts of the SAVR to share the two-sided expertise on the construction of new brands and confirmed their readiness for expanding cooperation. SAVR Company also expressed their interest to host the next meeting in Dushanbe over the above-mentioned issues.
All sides also extended their willingness to assist each other in supplying construction materials, exchanging expertise, knowledge, innovation & technology, experience, and designing new projects in Dushanbe.